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Rise Hub works on the promotion of community resilience through the development of personal skills, social inclusion, intercultural learning, sustainable territorial development and the creation of social ties.

Risehub - Lo sviluppo sociale


The association is based in Comino Valley (FR, Italy), a predominantly rural area composed by small towns and villages surrounded by mountains between the cities of Rome (120 km) and Naples (180), which was deeply affected by the economic crisis of 2008 and is still struggling with unemployment, a weak and not sufficiently supported civil sector, scarce youth participation and huge gaps in terms of information, initiatives and opportunities. In the last few years, the area experienced two new trends: “remigration”, the return of young professionals who decided to come back to their place of origin after having studied and worked in other cities and abroad, and a big influx of asylum seekers and refugees, due to the opening of a huge number of reception facilities.

Risehub - Il territorio
Risehub - Valle di Comino

Risehub - La storia

The organization was funded as an outcome of the project "Terre & Comuni" (financed by Lazio region and promoted by Borghi Artistici Impresa Sociale with the support of the LAG Verla), aimed at bringing together local unemployed young people, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, with local institutions, private companies in the agricultural sector and civil society to discuss and propose new models for labour integration, promotion of local resources, valorisation of social ties within communities in rural areas. The project was considered by the European Network for Rural Development as one of the best practices for the inclusion of migrants in rural territories in Europe in 2015 Download the report of the project "Migrant and Refugee Integration"


Rise Hub is currently composed by 20 active members and it also includes several volunteers with different social, generational and cultural backgrounds. Most of our members are professionals in different fields such as Political Sciences, Law, Education, Architecture and Design, Economics, Psychology, Cultural Mediation and Communication. The majority of the members are young women, while young asylum seekers and refugees represent one fourth of the composition of the association. This helped us to better understand conditions, needs and perspectives of asylum seekers and refugees in the territory.

Risehub - L'integrazione


  • socio-cultural and territorial animation (events, lectures, readings, animation for young people and children)
  • sustainable tourism and promotion of local resources (walking guided tours, workshops about land resources)
  • promotion of non-formal and informal education and diffusion of non-formal learning methodologies and tools (workshops, info-sessions, debates, theatre and language trainings)
  • research in the field of social innovation, inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, social entrepreneurship and eco-sustainable lifestyles
  • promotion of participation of young people in international mobility within the Erasmus + programme and international volunteer work camps
  • legal advice and intercultural mediation
  • awareness-raising and information on migrations and conflicts in the world


Risehub - Campo Internazionale di Volontariato

ERASMUS+ PROJECT RISE EU - Refugees' Inclusion in Sustainable Education and European Mobility

RISE EU is a European project born from the need to improve the skills of young people working in the field of social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, especially young asylum seekers and refugees. The project is funded by Erasmus +, the European Union Program for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020 and approved by the Italian National Agency for Youth in the framework of Key Action 1-Learning Mobility of Individuals. RISE EU involves 5 European partners and over 50 participants and provides a training course in San Donato Val di Comino (FR) in August 2017 and a youth exchange in Serbia in Novi Sad in October 2017.

Risehub - Campo Internazionale di Volontariato


thanks to the collaboration and support of Lunaria association, partner of the international network Alliance of European Voluntary Service, Rise Hub has decided to take the opportunity to coordinate and manage the first workcamp in our territory. Young people from all over the world will meet from August 28th, 2017 to September 6th, 2017 to experience a living and collaborative experience for the realization of a territorial upgrading and enhancement work through street art under the art direction of ONIRO. The selected intervention area for the project is one of the symbols of Valle di Comino territory, the "belvedere" of the historic center of Posta Fibreno (FR). The realization of this project is possible thanks to the support of the Municipality of Posta Fibreno.

Risehub - Progetto Tomato


a project implemented by a team of unemployed young people coming from Italy, Gambia and Mali, aimed at producing tomato sauce from plants grown on lands at risk of abandonment. Participants exchanged their knowledge in agriculture, experimenting techniques used in different areas of the world, and produced more than 400lt of tomato sauce that was bought by supporters of the initiative. The project allowed them to receive a fair amount of money for their work, in contrast with the Italian standards in which agricultural workers, especially in the tomatoes production, are extremely exploited and socially excluded. (Summer-Fall 2016)

Risehub - Cibo etnico


a catering service for the social and economical empowerment of refugees (especially women), promoting a culture of inclusion through cooking. Its members come from Pakistan, Gambia, Mali and Italy and they mix local ingredients with those from their own national traditions.

Risehub - Mobilità


an info desk for young people interested in opportunities for volunteering, non-formal education and training in Italy and abroad, in particular through the Erasmus + programme and international work camps. The Rise Hub team also held presentations of Erasmus + and international work camps (within the Alliance and SCI networks), reaching a big number of local young people who would not have had the chance to be informed about these opportunities otherwise.

Risehub - Assistenza legale


a service providing legal assistance and advice to Italians and foreigners. The desk is held by professional lawyers that provide advice on work and social welfare and counselling on applications and claims for International protection and asylum.


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